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Giving your European car a more sporting persona, is something you’re not likely to get from the dealership. However, performance upgrades are a speciality for a number of EuroMechanica endorsed workshops. To showcase the types of products, along with the range of services available through the EuroMechanica network, we’ve launched the Track Tuned series.

The first in this series is aimed at enthusiasts looking to do the occasional track day in their street car. Here we take 2012 VW Golf R and transform it into a formidable track weapon that can be pushed hard all day and capable enough to embarrass some more fancied performance machinery – all without ruining its day-to-day driveability. The Golf R was selected for its affordability, performance pedigree and abundance of off-the-shelf performance upgrades. All of which make it a great platform for a street/track car.

Catch all the videos in the Project Golf R series:

24 January 2019
Full service and thorough inspection before undertaking the performance upgrades.
07 February 2019
A free-flowing exhaust is key to unlocking future horsepower upgrades – and it sounds awesome!
14 February 2019
To withstand the rigors of track work, you need a specialised tyre. One that optimises grip and longevity – yet remains street friendly.
21 February 2019
Great brakes amp the fun factor to 11. And unlike standard brakes, better brakes don’t chuck in the towel after a few hot laps.
28 February 2019
Driver training is a must for getting the most out of any car at the track. Motor racing legend, John Bowe provides some invaluable pointers.
07 March 2019
Increasing power makes a car more fun and more rewarding to drive. Especially when exploring its performance limits on the track.
14 March 2019
While far from a pure race car, we decided to give Project Golf R some race-car style livery to help promote its performance upgrades.
21 March 2019
Project Golf R enters the 2018 Liqui-Moly Challenge Bathurst Regularity to showcase just how much fun a street friendly, tracked tuned machine can be.

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